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Nice Orion tonneaux shaped watch with gold plating.
He was the first man in space and perhaps the greatest hero of Russia. Remembered by the Russian watch industry - see our Gagarin watch section.
Russians celebrated victory in WW2 on May 9th this year with enthusiasm. This pocket watch from Molnija remembers that great event.
The Soviet Union is no more and many Russians miss it sorely, as this Slava made in 2005 clearly shows.
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Welcome to the world of Russian watches!

Welcome! My name is Stuart Tomanek and I hope you will take some time to look around this site and discover some intriguing Russian timepieces. I like unusual watches not usually available to the public in high street shops. I also sell the Japanese brand Orient at my other site: ORIENT WATCHES UK. You can find some Orients on this site as well as carefully selected Seikos, Fossil watches and more in the growing non-Russian section.

The world of Russian watches is quite unlike any other. In terms of what they put into wrist watch design there is no other nation which can match Russia. I do not mean that they make the best watches in the world, although they are good, but that each Russian made watch comes with a large measure of national spirit. You cannot say that about Swiss watches or the Japanese. We all know how good Seikos are, but what is there about them which is obviously Japanese? Swiss makers have set the benchmark - but the world's greatest watchmakers prefer to remain discrete craftsman.

Poljot were the first big watchmaker in the Soviet Union and they are today gaining in reputation for making interesting designs, Russian or otherwise, using movements based on many Swiss classics. As the Swiss have largely turned to quartz, Poljot are one of the most important manufacturers to keep the mechanical tradition going. The Aviator watches are probably the most popular and the Sturmanski is the most famous, particularly the type worn by Gagarin in space. At the high end of the scale can be found the Romanoff gold plated chronographs which typically sell for about £400.

Molnija are known for making pocket watches and I think do more to represent Russian culture and history than any other maker. Take the Fairy Bird watch which has engraved on the outer case, an image of the fantastic bird from a Russian folk tale. But it is the WWII designs which capture the imagination of many buyers. The importance of remembering victory over Hitler is something which is embedded deep in the soul of nearly all the Russians I have met, old and young, it makes no difference. Everyone in Russia, it seems, has a realtive lost in the "Great Patriotic War" and memories of the sacrifices made come back every year on May 9th ( Russian Victory Day ). There are many Molnija models which commemorate this event and indeed the "Victory" model is a copy of watches awarded to war veterans by the government.

Of the other Russian makers - Orion is relatively new and known mainly for its beautiful skeleton watches. Although Raketa are now sadly out of business I still manage to find new old stock. The 24 hour watches are popular as are the World Time models. The Moscow based company Slava has in its catalogue many designs which have a strong Russian appearance but as well as these classics the company now makes many slick designs such as the Skeleton Pro.

What I have written about on this homepage is but a summary of what you can expect from Russian watches and I can assure that there is very much to discover in these intriguing timepieces. If you decide to buy one I do hope you will feel a little piece of Russia on your wrist, and if not, you will at least have a good watch!

Feel free to email me: Happy browsing!


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